Student Newsletter -August 2016- By Batuujin Brendei

Hello everyone! My name is Batuujin and I’m from Mongolia. I’ll be telling you what the Summer 2016 of Nagoya was like in the eyes of a freshman at Nagoya University. To describe actually the whole thing in one word, it was busy. Unexpectedly and unimaginably busy.

To get you familiar with why I’m busy, I’ll give you a typical weekly schedule. I took more credits and classes than I required for this semester and I ended up biting off more than I could chew.

Mondays – Classes: Physics and French. This day is relatively free, so I can catch up on lost time.

Tuesdays – Classes: Exploration of Japan, Lab in biology and Earth science. From 10:30am to 6:00pm I have classes back to back. If I’m not feeling too tired then I hit the gym with my friend Janchiv, who instructs me in the ways of weightlifting.

Wednesdays – Class: Physics. Wednesdays were the best days because I have only one class in the morning. It all changed when I got a part time job, from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. I work as a front staff at a fast food restaurant called Sukiya. I get lunch while at work, so yay free lunch!

Thursdays –Classes: Biology, Chemistry, Math Tutorial, French and Business Japanese. Man oh man, this day gets me down. I basically come back home, cook eat and sleep, because that’s all the time I can spare on Thursdays. It’s such a shame that every group outing or activity with my Mongolian senpais (seniors) tend to happen on Thursdays and I can’t spare time with my Mongolian friends.

Friday – Classes: Calculus, Football, Introduction to Culture studies and Physics tutorial. The last day of the week and it’s pretty busy as well, as I go to the gym afterwards.

Weekends – Mostly filled with eating, doing homework, jamming on my guitar and playing League of Legends. I also have a night shift at my part time job. If I have the chance, I try to do something memorable with my friends, because that’s how college life should be!


Having said that, it might not be the busiest schedule, but I sure was hard pressed to keep my life running normally. My girlfriend came from Mongolia in April, I ran out of money, I found a part time job and I moved out from the dorm and generally, my life took a big turn. I can say that I was not ready for too many things at once and I ended up in a mess of timetables and deadlines.

There were many events happened, such as Hanami, when I went to Tsurumai Park with senpais. I went to take part in a Mongolian festival during Golden week in Tokyo in May. There was also Meidaisai (university festival) in June during which I could see the enthusiasm of many Japanese students of the university. Mongolia’s National festival “Naadam” happens on July 11th and we made a traditional meal called “Khuushuur” in our new home, with our new amazing housemates.

There was also the graduation party for our 4th year senpais on July 15th, which was the biggest chance we ever got to actually meet them. Professor Joyce’s ice cream cake was superb! And then there was the local Hanabi (fireworks) festival on the 18th. I couldn’t take part but it really brought the liveliness of summer to Nagoya as flowery Yukata (Japanese traditional dress for women) and flashy fireworks appeared. After that, around the 22nd of July, Pokemon GO was released in Japan and there were so many people walking around catching pokemon. I felt envious as I myself have never played pokemon.

So in short, I was broke, hungry and pressed to do schoolwork while also attending some social activities. I must thank all my friends for getting me through the toughest times and I’m looking forward to the start of my first summer vacation in Nagoya. July was busy, but it taught me how to deal with pressure. Only one last challenges though – the finals. Wish me luck!

Batuujin Burendei

1st year, Biological Science department, School of Science, G30, Nagoya University.


One thought on “Student Newsletter -August 2016- By Batuujin Brendei

  1. Hi!! I’m a malaysian student who is applying for Biological Science course in Nagoya University and I have passed the primary screening stage. I will be having an interview two weeks later. What I know about the interview is, there will be academic questions related to the course i chose. May I know how hard the questions are? And what are the other questions that will be asked by the interviewer? Can u kindly share me how was your interview last year so that I could be not so nervous for the interview? 😊😊😊


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