Student Newsletter -July 2016- By Anh Ngan Phan

Hello everyone!

My name is Phan Ngan Anh, a G30 Law Student in Nagoya University, I am from Hanoi, Vietnam; this is the first time I have ever been abroad and I must say it is a real eye-opening experience for me. My 1st year’s spring semester here is nearing an end, finals are approaching and soon after July I’ll be a second-year student, a sempai (senior) with kouhais (juniors). So, shall we begin?

I have many amazing experiences here in Nagoya. First, I was stunningly struck by how kind and friendly people were here. I compelled myself to be such an equally good person. I couldn’t remember how many times I got lost between the roads and large buildings in NU campus and was always helped by staff or other Japanese students even though they didn’t speak English, helped in studying and other stuffs by G30 friends. When I was still living in the dorm, the dorm staff was very helpful too. Once when I went to Mie Prefecture, I couldn’t find a bus. But a very kind family offered to drive me there by car even without my asking for help! Now, I am working as a Vietnamese and English private teacher for some Japanese people. They are really nice and respectful although I’m at least 8 or 10 years younger than them. Meeting with Japanese people always brings me so much happiness!

The academic environment in NU is totally different from what I have known in Vietnam; the professors here are always nice and open to any questions from students. The coursework of course is very heavy (we have Japanese language class every morning, this week I am barely sleeping properly), but it is really rewarding to receive good grades and compliments if you work hard enough. I am currently in the Law & Political Sciences Department, I have studied with a lot of politics, diplomacy and ethics subjects; assignments and evaluations vary from presentations, in-class exams to long papers and debating. If you are interested in debating, this will be a golden opportunity for you!


I am really keen on music especially K-pop and J-pop, so last year I went to a music concert in Nagoya Dome. I also enjoy video games, like Pokémon in that endeavor Japan is heaven for me. There are some famous places in Nagoya that I highly recommend them to visit such as Nagoya Port Aquarium, Sakae or Nagoya Station. Also, I have been to Nagashima Spaland in Mie and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka last winter. In addition, my friend and I went to South Korea!

All in all, I hope my experience helps you know more about life in Nagoya and NU, if you intend to be a freshman next year in NU, a warm-hearted welcome for you, and I hope to see you in the welcome party in October!



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