Student Newsletter -June 2016- By Santhiya Nagarajan

Konnichiwa everyone!

I’m Santhiya Nagarajan, chemical engineering major, from India. Japan has been my home away from home for the past five years! So, I didn’t really experience a huge culture shock in shifting from Tokyo to Nagoya.

I can’t believe it’s June already! The heat wave is getting to us, which also means the summer break is just a few months away! Time indeed flies fast! It’s been a year here at Nagoya University. It feels like we just learnt how to pay our bills, cook, wash dishes, and do our laundry but here I am, on the path to becoming someone’s senpai (senior) soon.

The workload in Nagoya University is intense and demanding. I had a lot of problems with time management in the beginning of the year and it is still an aspect I am improving on. The classes are challenging yet fun to deal with. I’ve learnt that keeping everything for the very last moment isn’t going to work and that we aren’t kids anymore.

The city by itself is more peaceful than Tokyo but I definitely miss the busy Tokyo life now and then. But here’s the best part, we get decent vacations to travel back home. It feels like all the hard work that is paid off pretty well.

This semester has been especially busy due to my bukatsu (club activities) practices. I’m a part of the university basketball club, and while it has been hard to manage both academics and club practices, I feel like the practices help me to not only increase my basketball skills but also my Japanese. It also helps me to release stress and deal with my mood swings.

The best part about being a first year is the dorm. You get to spend your time with friends, cook together and help each other in the difficult times.

Being lost together on the huge campus during the entrance ceremony, staying up late on a Friday night together to finish work than going out and enjoying ourselves are definitely memories to cherish. Living on campus food when running late is a healthy option as well, which in my case is almost every day, since I have to rush to early morning Japanese classes? Free drinks at the university café, and chilling with friends is definitely something I look forward to after a long and tiring day.

Overall, life here in Nagoya continues to be fun and I look forward to the coming years with this international community. I wish I could slow down time, and live these moments to the fullest!





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