Student Newsletter -April 2016- By Sokhom Nuon

Hello there!

I am Sokhom Nuon. You can try guessing where I am from. Currently a freshman in the School of Economics. Before coming to Nagoya University, I had spent most of my life in my home country, a small country located in South-East Asia. After coming to Japan once, I decided to continue my study here in Japan. Fortunately, I found out Nagoya University has the G30 Program which is designed for international students. Now here I am. I just moved into Nagoya half a year ago. However, to me, I feel like time flies so fast. When I was waiting for the letter of acceptance, each day was very long. Now the 1st semester has ended in the blink of an eye.



It is not my first time living away from home but it’s my first time living abroad alone. Before, food came to me and now it’s the other way around. I have to cook, clean, and do everything entirely on my own. I should have done more chores back home. However, it’s a fun and new experience. I can see that I am gradually changing from a lazy student to a more disciplined and organized freshman.


Of course, the workload here is heavy. Students have to put a lot of effort in their studies. Sleepless nights are not uncommon, especially during the exam season. However, I get to enjoy being a student here, attending seminars and lectures by many good professors. The School of Economics also arranges field trips to factories around Nagoya. Last semester, we had a field trip to Coca Cola and Ajinomoto factories. Staying in an international community has changed my perspective on this world. Learning from many different and unique cultures is not something I could do easily back home.


Nagoya and its surrounding areas are bustling with economic activities, such as tourism and heavy industry. But after one intense semester, I decided to retreat with my friends to Japan’s Alps, to Hakuba for a ski trip. There, one of my Japanese friends and her parents taught me how to ski. Luckily, I was able to slide down the slope with some bumpy landings. It was an amazing experience. Now, I see some flowers blooming, which means spring semester is close. It is time to get out of bed and make myself ready for next semester! By the way, I am from Cambodia.


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