Student Newsletter -March 2016- By Alpamys Urtay

Hi everyone! I’m Alpamys, a first year student from Kazakhstan. Our spring holiday has just begun, so I’m full of excitement and willing to explore more of Japan. Let me briefly tell you about life of freshmen in Nagoya University.

When I came here, I realized it is the first time I live on my own. So, I had to face problems such as cleaning my dishes and clothes, cooking, and being organized. I feel really regretful that I didn’t learn how to cook back home. Moreover, it was not easy for me to get used to separating trashes properly and throwing it early enough in the morning. However, 6 months spent in Nagoya made me more self-sustained and disciplined.

When it comes to academics, I was pleasantly surprised, when as Automotive Engineering students we were provided a lab and given chance to explore and assemble a car engine in the first semester. Professional engineers from well-known companies such as Toyota and Denso were teaching us basics of how cars work. It was an amazing experience for me as I had never worked with a car before.  However, some courses are pretty challenging and require devotion and time. I would advise to all newcomers to start doing their homework as early as possible and not to be as lazy as I was.

As soon as the first semester finished, I bought a bus ticket to Tokyo. On a long way, I saw Mt. Fuji and breathtaking Japanese landscapes. Although it was impossible to discover lively Tokyo within 4 days, we enjoyed a trip rich in events and made unforgettable memories. I’m planning to visit even more places during this holiday. In a few days I will go to Nagano. My friend promised to teach me how to ski. Considering how clumsy I am, it will take a while… I believe that after refreshing and fulfilling vacation, I will begin next semester with a new energy.


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