Student Newsletter -January 2016- By Alicia Surjana

Hi everyone! My name is Alicia from Indonesia, majoring in Biological Sciences in the School of Agricultural Sciences. Studying abroad has always been my dream, and a dream came true when I first arrived in Nagoya. Although I was looking forward to all the enjoyable university life, it has not always been that easy.

The first year was packed with a full schedule and an immense amount of work. I vividly remember how our weekends were used to do homework. Nevertheless, I am blessed to be surrounded by people that will not hesitate to help whenever needed and eventually this was what brought us together.

Aside from the hectic university life, living in Nagoya has also given me a chance to experience a new environment. The changing season was obviously my very first challenging yet interesting experience. Despite being regarded as one of Japan’s warmest city, Nagoya’s winter is still much colder than the tropical climate which I have been used to. However, it all paid off when the snow started to fall and everything turned white. The university in winter is my favourite. The number of photos I took on the snowing day was overwhelming.

Last spring holiday was my most awaited holiday. Not just because I did not have to do any homework, but also because I finally got to see the famous cherry blossoms. In the first week of April, I went for hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, almost every day, from one place to another around Nagoya. Nagoya is also home to one of the best hanami spots in Japan, the Yamazaki River. The cherry blossom trees were in the full bloom, making a roof-like view in both sides of the river.

In autumn, I joined the trip to Nakatsugawa organized by the university. For that short 2-day time, I got a chance to live in a ryokan, a Japanese inn, and also interacted with the Japanese students. It was an unforgettable experience, having learned so many things on the camp, made new friends and most importantly, making me felt so ‘Japanese’.

Another winter has just come and it marks the beginning of my second year, here in Nagoya University. It has been a year from ordinary, filled with tons of memorable experiences, living a life totally different from back in my home country. I am now looking forward to the upcoming years, studying and visiting more of Japan’s fascinating places.

Alicia Surjana

School of Agricultural Sciences

Biological Sciences Program



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