Student Newsletter -December 2015- By Akari Ura

Hey everyone! Happy holidays! It’s December and there are only a few days left of 2015. I hope everyone had a great year! I’m Akari, a senior in the department of Biological Sciences Program. I was born in Tokyo, but spent most of my life overseas, mainly in the beautiful garden state of New Jersey, U.S.A.

I remember back in December 2011, I received my acceptance letter from Nagoya University. As a high school senior, I remember the flush of excitement and relief of being accepted to college after the stresses of SATs, subject tests, and APs.

It’s hard to believe that was 4 years ago…

And now, 4 years later, Nagoya is my home away from home. From classes to lab, then to part time jobs and bukatsu (student clubs), life has been pretty busy in this city. But it has been an amazing experience- our junior year lab session at Sugashima Island took us hunting for marine organisms off the shore of the island, where we caught an octopus that became our midnight snack. As for the ice hockey team, we came in first place in the Chubu league, third in the Imperial Universities Tournament (Shichi-Tei Sen) held Tokyo this year, and will be heading to Nikko at the head of January for nationals!

To be honest, these four years changed my life and turned my world around. Along the journey, I lost myself among all the lab reports, essays, papers, and exams. But at the end of the day, what I have now is everything I could ask for. College is probably one of our last shots at thinking, then rethinking over and over about what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing. I wouldn’t trade anything for the student life I have here at Nagoya.


So to the freshmen and sophomores, things might get a bit bumpy up ahead, but hang in there. You’ll make it through. To the juniors, please try to remember to take a deep breath once in awhile. Trust me, senior year will make everything, all the time and hard work you put into college, so worth it. And to my fellow seniors, we’re almost there! We’ve only got a few months left together, but the past few years have been real.

And I’ll be signing off here. Happy holidays to everyone, and I hope you have a happy new year!


Akari Urari

Biological Sciences Program

School of Science


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