Student Newsletter-November- By Wen Xi Chia, School of Engineering

Hello! I am Chia Wen Xi from Malaysia majoring in Biological and Chemical engineering. Time flies, it has been a year since I came to Nagoya. The leaves are turning red, fall semester has started one month ago. The first year had been a really hectic year with packed schedules, never ending assignments and pop quizzes. I can still clearly remember the sleepless nights I spent cramming for the finals.


Studying in NU is definitely challenging but enjoyable. It might be depressing when I encounter problems but it is a blessing to have helpful and awesome friends from all around the world who are always by my side despite the ups and downs. In this one year, we shared both tears and laughter. I am really happy and thankful that NU has brought us together.


Staying here in Nagoya has allowed me to witness the red maple in autumn, imminent snowfall during the winter, pinky cherry blossoms during the spring. In summer, I experienced the heat of the scorching sun which, I have to admit, is worse than Malaysia. Moreover, I had the opportunity to visit Nagoya matsuri, Natsu matsuri, Seijin Shiki and also Hanabi taikai.

Life in Nagoya is amazing and happening as you get to experience the actual Japanese lifestyle and cultures. I participated in the homestay program and got to befriend a Japanese family. They are kind and treated me like their family. My host family invited me to all kinds of events such as hanami, barbecue and even brought me to Ise shrine. I would strongly recommend everyone to participate in the homestay program because not only it is fun, it also feels comforting to know that someone has your back in a foreign country.

Last spring, I celebrated Chinese New Year with my family in Tokyo. That was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year outside of Malaysia. Japanese do not celebrate Chinese New Year, hence we went to the Chinatown in Yokohama to immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere. I have to admit that one will only truly appreciate home after one leaves home. After I came back from Tokyo, I visited Kyushu with my friend. It is undeniable that Japan has a lot of mesmerizing places. I would love to travel around Japan and this is what I am going to do in the coming years!


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