Student Newsletter -September 2015- By Thuc Anh Ha, School of Economics

Hello to everyone! It is the end of September in Nagoya right now, the weather is getting cool, and a new batch of G30 students is coming – which reminds me of a year ago when I first came to Japan. I am Thuc Anh from Hanoi, Vietnam. I am going to be a 2nd student at Nagoya University this October.

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My first year at Meidai was great. I met a lot of great people. I have a lot of friends from all around the world. I have senpais (seniors) who are always willing to help me and take care of me as like a little sister when I have troubles. I have Senseis (professors) from the university who are very nice to me. Last time I faced difficulties at one time which made me feel very desperate, my Japanese teacher gave me an umbrella and encouraged me “This umbrella is a “lucky charm”, it will protect you from the rain as well as bad things”. I almost cried when receiving the umbrella from sensei and surely had more courage to deal with all the problems.Featured image

The study at Meidai is very tough with a lot of quizzes, assignments and exams; however, I have learned a lot from the classes. Last June, I applied to the exchange program of Nagoya University and YES, I got admitted to one year exchange program at University of Sydney!!! I am going to Australia in February 2016.

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I did travel a lot in the first year. I already experienced the crowd of Tokyo and the peace of Kyoto, joined the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama where I was surrounded by a lot of giant Pikachu dancing and parading, visited Harry Potter Park at Universal Studio Japan in Osaka, went to Meiji Mura in Inuyama and Nabana no sato, etc. I have always been amazed by Japan’s beautiful scenery, especially the flowers. I love to see cherry blossom in spring, sunflower and hydrangea gardens in summer and momiji (red leaves) in autumn.

I am looking forward to my next 2 years in Nagoya!

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2 thoughts on “Student Newsletter -September 2015- By Thuc Anh Ha, School of Economics

  1. Hello, I am Suetyee, from America. I would like to apply for MeiDai’s graduate program in economics and business administration. I was wondering if you had any possible advice for me? My GPA is on the lower end. Is there anything I could highlight on my application?

    Thank you!


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