Student Newsletter – July 2015 – By Kiyoaki Omori, School of Science

Hello to my fellow classmates, senpais, future kouhais, administration and anybody else who is reading this article. I’m Kiyoaki Omori, a first year Physics student from London, Ontario, Canada.

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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I came to Nagoya, and that I’m a quarter of the way through university already. It still feels like only a few days ago that I was joking around during spares in high school. Time really does fly when one is busy, and university life has been just that, and my time has been accompanied by a number of challenges.

Academically, I was expecting things to be much tougher than in high school, and what do you know? My expectations were met. I’ve had numerous homework assignments on a weekly basis, and the difficulty of these assignments were on a whole different level than in high school. In high school, things were mostly about regurgitating the formulas and concepts. Now, it’s about being able to understand and apply them. However, the workload and difficulty of my schoolwork has restored my academic habits which had left me during my extra year of high school. Nonetheless, I’m excited about what my future courses hold.

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Another major challenge this year was learning to live alone. All my life, I was living with my parents, who made me the majority of my meals and helped me out a lot so I could focus on academics and sports. That all changed with my move to university, where I have to fend for myself now. I have to make myself two out of three meals a day, thinking about calories and a balanced diet. I have to do laundry accordingly, so I don’t run out of clothes to wear. I micromanage my money more than I ever used to (though I still spend quite a bit…). In the end though, living alone is definitely a refreshing experience, and I’m sure that it will be all worth it.

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One major decision I made since coming to Nagoya was joining the school soccer team. It is a huge commitment to be part of the team. We practice on 4 of 5 weekdays, and also have either practices or games on the weekends, and everything is extremely competitive. However, the lessons I learn from being on the team will for sure benefit me in the long run, as well as keep my physically fit during my 4 years. Furthermore, the time spent with my teammates over the years will definitely be something I’ll cherish, and they’ll be the people that I will spend the most time with over the 4 years, even if I won’t have any classes with them. I could go on more about the beauty of bukatsu, but I’m afraid I’m running out of words.

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Overall, the Nagoya University experience so far has been great, and I look forward to the next 3 years!

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