Student Newsletter -June 2015- By Suchetha Cooray, School of Science

Hey everyone! It’s June and the heat is getting a bit out of control here in Nagoya. I am Suchetha, a physics major from Sri Lanka. I was actually born

here in Nagoya and have lived in Japan for the first half of my life before moving to Sri Lanka. It was last September that I came back to Nagoya University. Featured image

Coming to Nagoya University has been a totally new experience for me. Japanese culture in itself was not something novel, but this was my first time living alone. Yes, I’m talking about cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying the bills and all the rest. However, it’s because of my amazingly supportive dorm mates that I was able to get accustomed to university life.

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Life so far here in Nagoya University has been filled with amusement, fascination, excitement, and satisfaction. I am loving life here in Nagoya and am looking forward to a bright future, because I can see nothing but good times and new experiences.

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The work here in Nagoya University is really tough, but of course it is fascinating too. I have always dreamt of studying what I love all day long and that is exactly what I get here. I want to be a researcher in the field of theoretical physics and Nagoya University offers me the opportunity to work in the amazing internationally recognized labs from our 3rd year and onwards. I, for one, cannot wait!

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An important part of university life is meeting new people. I am part of a circle called the International Football Club, where international students and Japanese students meet up weekly and play football. I always have a great time at the club and it is a great time for physical relaxation, which is necessary when you have worked hard all week.

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