Student Newsletter -May 2015- By Hironimus Samuel Budiman, School of Engineering

Greetings to everyone! My name is Sam, I’m Indonesian and I am a first year currently enrolled in Nagoya University’s G30 Automotive Engineering Program in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Opening Ceremony

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I’ve always wanted to go to a university somewhere outside of my home country. I always think that I can benefit more by coming from my own ‘homebase’. To be honest, Japan was not my first choice of where I was going to go for further studies, I never considered coming to Japan until the last few months of my final year in school. Nevertheless, here I am now living in Nagoya, enjoying life like never before.

Potluck party at the dorm!

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Here in Nagoya University’s G30 International Programs, the students come from all around the world. This allows us to learn about one another’s unique cultures and personal mind set. We all share the same passion about coming out of our respective comfort zones to receive new challenges and learn something new.

The workload here in Mei-Dai (aka Nagoya University) is definitely no joke. We get tons of homework every week, meaning that sometimes we can’t spend the weekends hanging out simply because we have to do homework. However, this also motivates us to work hard. With people always around us, there always seems to be someone to talk to, ask questions when we don’t understand something brought up in lessons and people to remind us when there is homework due soon or a test coming up.

Tokyo trip during the winter break

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Despite the tough academic challenge here in Mei-Dai, I’ve also found time to explore the culture of Japan. Just last month, it was Spring and it was the first time I went hanami viewing in some parks here in Nagoya, one of the many things which I get to see only when I’m in Japan. During last December’s short 2 week break, I went to Tokyo with some of my friends for the New Year and it was then I realized how different Tokyo is from Nagoya. The atmosphere in Tokyo is much livelier with the presence of more tourists and more sparkling night lights. It’s like the ‘New York of Japan’.

Hanami viewing

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It is May now and we’ve entered about 6 weeks in to Semester 2. Challenges come and go, homework and tasks come and go but I’m definitely not regretting any choice I’ve made about coming to Nagoya University.


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