Student Newsletter -February 2015- By Said Turaev, School of Law

How is it going everyone? Big greetings from Said, a 3rd year School of Law student, from a country lo-cated at the heart of Central Asia known simply as Uzbekistan. Most of you know me pretty well, but to any-one out there who doesn’t, looking forward to meeting you. Writing this I can’t believe that it has been almost 2.5 years since my arrival to Japan and as much as I hate to say it guys and girls, time flies really fast, so it is up to us to use it wisely and efficiently.

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Reflecting on my time I spent in Japan there have been numerous challenges and rewards and just the experience living in the for-eign country was something new to me. I won’t lie to you by say-ing that I had moments when it seemed as if the whole world was up on my shoulders and some-times I couldn’t bear the weight of it and wanted to just give eve-rything up. I am sure some of you can relate, but at these moments it is always important to remember that there is always an inner strength in every one of us and it is up to us to pull it out and get motivated to not to quit.

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Like recently I went to snowboarding trip with my friends to Shiga-ken, which is a very beautiful place by the way, anyways, it was my first time doing it and I probably fell like 246 times, but I promised myself that I will learn how to snowboard by the end of the day. Although I didn’t get the hang of it quite as well as I wanted to, eventually I was able to achieve my firm footing and plus my falling frequency dropped significantly.

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Similarly in real life we also stum-ble and fall, some-times 246 times, but at the end of the day it is up to us to stand up and face our chal-lenges and get our rewards. In addi-tion we have to value the support of the people sur-rounding us, whether it will be our families, or friends or Na-goya University staff. Give them some credit, after all not many people get the same oppor-tunities as we do.

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With this note I would like to con-clude by saying that I hope that every one of you is having a wonderful vacation. Let us all stay persistent and enjoy our experience in this great university. Looking forward to see-ing you all in spring!
Take care!


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