Student Newsletter -January 2015- By Stanley Sheng, School of Engineering

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I am Stanley from China, and a third-year student in automotive engineering. How about your year 2014? I hope you had a great one. How was mine? Ehh… a good one I think. As the time when my timetable was filled up with compulsory courses has already passed, I enjoyed my free time away from study much more. Let me look back my year 2014.

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Most of my free time was spent at the table tennis club. Some exercise after a day of lectures and experiments helped a lot to keep fit. It also enabled me to get to know the local students and their campus life. Last spring, as the freshmen joined in, I have become a senpai in the club. Being a senpai is an honor, but also means much responsibility. As the reward of hard practice, I have become much better at table tennis and raised my ranking in the club. And I am aiming at a win in the match outside the club.

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Besides the club activities, I traveled a lot as well. I finally realized that there might not be much time left for me to stay here, but I still had not been to many places. There are so many great places to visit in Japan, and the scenery will give people various feelings in different seasons, even at the same place. I enjoyed the trip to Hiroshima with my family, the seashore and delicious seafood in Shikoku, the fantastic view of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka, and the unexpected first snow in Takayama. Last summer, we, the second-year automotive engineering students had a factory tour to Tokyo. It was a rare chance for us to travel together. Actually the free time after the tour was much more fun than the factory tour itself. I wish we could go travelling together again soon.

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Last October, I started my first part time job. It was hard to set up an ideal shift as my daytime belonged to lectures, and the time after school, I devoted it to the table tennis club. As a result, I decided to wake up really early in the morning. Part time is tiring but the tiredness was all blown away when I got my salary.

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There are so many good memories left in 2014, but now it is time for us to look forward to another great year. What are my resolutions and plans in this brand new year? Actually I have not thought that far ahead. There is something more important to deal with at this very moment, the final exams… and I have not decided which laboratory to join, but the deadline is near at hand. However, I really cannot wait for the spring vacation to come, and travelling with my family in this beautiful country again.


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