Student Newsletter -December 2014- By Jude Nwadiuto, School of Engineering

Hi everyone, Christmas greetings to you all! I’m Jude from Nigeria. I’m majoring in Automotive Engineering, department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and currently in 3rd year.

Featured imageProcessing in my head that we’re already into the 2nd month of this semester is a constant reminder that time runs so fast. It seems like yesterday, my first day in Japan. Life in Japan has been challenging, the new culture, language, food. But nonetheless it’s been fun, interesting and, so far, worth it.

3rd year has brought with it its own challenges. I feel it’s a different ball game to that of 1st and 2nd year. The stuff we talk about in class is new, more specific, intriguing, and interesting. Although the classes are fewer but of course as you would expect more challenging than the previous years. It’s more about exploring and application of what we have learnt to solve real/close to real life problems, opening way to lots of questions and also to lots of answers. I like that we have more reports to write than written exams and also having cheerful professors who are ready to help and clear-up confusing questions makes life so much easier. I can say, so far, the horizon looks clear, bright and good.

As any engineering student would know, balancing school work and social activities is always a constant challenge. Nonetheless, I still find time to have fun and enjoy some of what Nagoya has to offer.

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Soccer being the sport I love the most, I joined an international soccer circle. We usually meet for games once or twice a week. Going to the games gives me the opportunity to practice my Japanese and also to interact with the people of diverse cultures and background. Recently, I was involved in a world cup tournament organized by a Japanese sports-body which was televised. 8 teams of different countries took part in this event. It was so much fun and I had the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

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Recently, I went to the Nagoya Port Aquarium. I try to go there every semester especially to see the dolphins perform. Watching the dolphins perform, taking the leap of faith out of the water, moving in a perfectly coordinated manner excites my inner being and constantly reminds me that anything is possible.

My weekends are always great because I usually go and see either basketball or volleyball games. The games are very interesting and a good way for releasing school stress. Oh a tip for volleyball lovers, the women’s games are far more interesting than the men’s, strange, right? The venues for these games are usually in the countryside of Aichi, so I use the opportunity to explore these areas which I must say are relaxing and feel close to nature.

Just like me, I know most of you are looking forward to the holiday. And I wish you all a warm and memorable festive celebration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to y’all!

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