Student Newsletter -October 2014- By Raemi Omori, School of Law

Cultural Activities in Nagoya

Hello! My Name is Raemi Omori, a second year student at the School of Law. I am half Japanese and half American. In total, I’ve lived in both countries for about 10 years each, so I can truly say that I am “hāfu,” a Japanese term used to describe biracial people.
I graduated from high school in Texas, where I found my love and appreciation for art and music. My weekend activities included going to museums, concerts, and watching classic movies. After the hectic transition to Japan and to Nagoya University, I found myself departing from these activities, even though I still loved doing all of the above. So I took it upon myself to continue my hobby, despite the fact that I was in a completely different art scene. I know I’m not the only art lover out there, so here are some of the places I found.

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October was quite a busy month for me; I moved out of my Grandparent’s house in Okazaki City (about an hour and a half commute from NU), and into an apartment in Yagoto. Between the move and the new semester starting, I did manage some time for art and fun.

On the 7th, I went to the Art Aquarium Exhibit in Sakae, which was a show of varying shapes of aquariums filled with voluminous goldfishes, articulately placed and lit up with colorful LED lights. I had never seen anything like it before. The black walls allowed the aquariums to look like they were floating in the atmosphere, and gave the exhibition a luxurious, even pious flair. The hour that I was there felt like a second and an eternity at the same time.

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Aichi Prefecture is home to numerous firework festivals. Although most of them are held during the summer, Konan City is known to have the last fireworks of the season, held in October. This event is seminal to me; one of the first opportunities I had to germinate friendships with my G30 family was at this festival, last year. Of course, the show itself was amazing – the fireworks were shot rhythmically to the sky along with the top hit tunes of the year. I hate to admit it, but I, too, sang as the audience resonated along with “Let it Go,” this year’s song for the grand finale. Aesthetically pleasing fireworks, silly and lovable friends (who would go through the agitation of wearing yukata together), and amazing street food was definitely a formula for a good time.

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Free of charge with your NU school I.D!

徳川美術館    Tokugawa Art Museum

Did you know Aichi Prefecture is the home to the Big 3 Shoguns? You can check out the inheritance of Ieyasu, one of the Shoguns, here. Some of these works include National Treasures that you can only see here!

名古屋ボストン美術館   Nagoya Boston Museum

If you’re looking for some traditional artworks, this is the place to go. Fairly small museum that’s easy to walk around, they have 2 to 3 art exhibitions per year showing the most well known artists that I’m sure you’ve heard of.

名古屋市博物館   Nagoya City Museum

Opened in 1977, this museum has everything Nagoya. It’s THE place to go to get a deeper understanding of your city. Besides their amazing Japanese art collection, the museum hosts seminars and workshops filled with useful information!


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