Student Newsletter -September 2014- By Michele Cosi, School of Agricultural Science

Hi everyone! Michele here, greeting you from the Land of the Rising Sun, studying Applied Biosciences under the Faculty of Agriculture. After a challenging first year and a relaxing summer, everything is going to restart soon!

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Now that the first year is past, we can all look back to the hard and fun times we had: long nights spent with the books open were always followed by cheers and smiles once the tough times were over.

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This summer has been a nice break from all the studies carried out. Unlike most of the other students, I decided not to return to my home country (Italy – or Thailand), but decided to stay and travel this beautiful nation. So I took my bicycle and geared up for a planned trip passing from Nara, Osaka and Kyoto. It sure wasn’t easy, passing through mountains and hills, but the trip showed me the inside of Japan, the life away from the big cities.

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Due to Nagoya’s position, being in the middle of Osaka and Tokyo, it is easier to travel around Japan. The inside of the country isn’t like the big cities: its much more rural and the people do not speak as much English as in the cities. Thus, every time I had to stop the bike trip to eat or to sleep I had to use all my Japanese skills that I gained in school; I myself was surprised by the amount of Japanese I learnt. やったね!

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The summer break wasn’t all joy, because for the first few weeks I had to move and adjust
to my new apartment. However with the help of my friends, moving and adjusting became
enjoyable and easier, between a laugh and the other. Now I have been in my new apartment for about 2 months, and things are finally getting easier. At first, it was hard adjusting to having none of my friends living right by me.

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But now, we all learned to live our lives apart from each other, and for certain occasions, come together.
Now all is going to start again, and excitement is rising! Mostly because of the upcoming new first year students, and some of the following challenges later in the year. Now most of my classes are going to be specialized in my area of study, and I am looking forward to them.
I cannot wait to meet you all, and for you to have a wonderful experience!

Michele Cosi


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