Student Newsletter -August 2014- By Minsung Kim, School of Law

Hello everyone! My name is Kim Minsung, I am from Seoul, Republic of Korea. I am currently studying in G30 program School of Law. The reason that I have decided to come to Japan is deeply related to my family background as both my grandfather and father are working in Japanese companies. Therefore, I have had a lot of opportunities to interact with Japanese such as my father’s co-workers and their children ever since I was young. Under this influence, I was inspired to become a bridge between Korea and Japan by studying Japan just like my family members have been doing by studying in Japan.

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Before I came to Japan, I had all of my previous education in Korea, so for me studying in Nagoya University is my first experience of studying abroad which is very special event in my life. I am really glad that I have chosen this university because from the start of the first day and until now, I can see and feel that the University really cares about G30 students. I still remember the first day when I came to Nagoya, my senior came to the airport to pick me up with hospitality and after I arrived at the dorm I had small party where most of G30 students joined and I met a lot of new friends and also enjoyed a lot of delicious welcome foods. This is how I celebrated my first day of university life and joining international community of the university.
Featured imageThe time in university life passed really fast due to busy academic schedule. In the first year as a student in School of Law, I took lectures which were mostly focused on Japanese politics and law, they were very interesting and professors always passionately taught us with much preparation and teaching materials. I always learned new things in every class and that it makes me feel really productive every lecture. I also had to take liberal arts courses as well, those lectures were very helpful and interesting that not only studying my major, I could take classes that I was interested in such as Japanese culture, literature and biology.
Particularly, Japanese language classes were the most memorable one for me. Although my classes in Nagoya University are in English, in order to live in Japan and interact with Japanese people, Japanese is necessary. Also, after graduation I am thinking about working in Japanese trading companies so it is crucial for me to master Japanese. All of the foreign students of G30 program are required to take intensive Japanese courses in their first year.

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Not only academic experiences in Nagoya there are a lot of different interesting opportunities which are always waiting for us, such as various school clubs and activities like home stay programs. Also, Nagoya is an active city that has many places to enjoy and see for example Nagoya castle, Sakae, and koalas in Higashiyama Park. For those who are thinking about studying in Japan, Nagoya University is a great place for you to start your dream!!! I hope my letter can help you and I am looking forward to seeing you in Nagoya University. And for my friends have a nice summer vacation and see you guys next semester. 🙂


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