Student Newsletter -July 2014- By Jemmy Gakutami Nomura, School of Science

Hello everyone, my name is Jemmy Gakutami Nomura and I am a first year majoring in Biological Sciences here in the G30 program of Nagoya University. As my name suggests, I am Japanese but my parents are from Taiwan. Spending my entire life in Japan, I somehow transformed myself into Japanese, making me Taiwanese by blood, Japanese by heart.

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I was asked to write the newsletter for this month and to share some of my experiences with you readers so here I am sitting in the library, trying hard to think of something significant to talk about as I feel the ominous shadows of final exams and the piling assignments start to loom over me. I’m sure many of you are bored about how coming to Japan was a great challenge and was a new experience so here’s something new; my challenge was with girls. I have spent my entire life and by entire life, I mean entire, in an all-boys school. From kindergarten to high school, I was stranded on an isolated island with my bros. So, the idea of coming to a co-ed educational institution was something that I really looked forward to. Now, after about a year of life in university, I would have to say that women are one of the most mysterious organisms in the world and that even if I was able to solve derivatives or analyze biological organisms, it is impossible to decipher a girl’s feelings.

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I guess that is enough weird stuff and I’ll talk about some more customary topics. As mentioned before, it is almost a year since I first walked into the “gates” of Nagoya University. I still remember the entrance ceremony vividly in my brain and, sorry for the cliché expression, felt like yesterday. There is just no way 10 months have passed since the first day of school and that my first year of college is about to end. There were many moments of happiness, sadness, anger, and of course the usual stress overload but looking back into these 10 months that I have just walked passed, I would have to conclude that these were the best days in my life and that it was a correct decision to come to this place.

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