Student Newsletter -March 2014- By Nathan Faialaga, School of Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Nathan Faialaga and I am from New Zealand and Australia. I am currently a first year student heading into the second semester of the chemical engineering program.
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Attending Nagoya University has created many new and exciting experiences. At first, I was worried and nervous about enrolling into a Japanese University. The challenges of living alone, creating new friends and learning a new language all seemed to frighten me at first. However, after meeting my class-mates I began to feel at ease because I was able to overcome these tough challenges with them.

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Japan is a very interesting country with so much culture that I find almost impossible to explain within the scope of this newsletter. It is not only the manga and anime, but the entire at-mosphere of Japan that is interesting and exciting. In Japan, I experienced my first ever crowded train on my way to a Christ-mas event with my friends. The train was so packed that it re-quired train officers to push passengers inside. I also got to ex-perience sitting under a Kotatsu table; a table that has a heater underneath and a blanket to cover it. In my opinion, the Kotatsu table is one of the most comfortable places to be during the cold snowy winter nights. It was so comfortable that I completely lost track of time and almost fell asleep a couple of times. During the holidays, I took the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Kyoto. I managed to visit a few landmarks such as the Golden Pavilion and Fushimi Inari Shrine as well as many different temples. I enjoyed investigating the history and culture of Kyoto with my friends.

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One of the things that I like the most about Japan is with-out a doubt the food. Japanese cuisine is delicious and caters to many different diets and situations. However, there is also the occasional unique dish that you may encounter while eating out. For example, recently with a group of friends, I went to a café and managed to order banana with whipped cream and choco-late sauce pasta.
Japan is an amazing place and I encourage you all to come!!!


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