Student Newsletter -February 2014- By Khusniddin Fozilov, School of Engineering

February. The autumn semester has already finished, final exams have gone away. I hope everybody did well and I wish to all my classmates and seniors to have a good spring break!

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It is never easy to leave your home and study abroad. You have to face new culture, make new friends and literally begin new life. Moreover, as a first year student I can say that college is incomparable with the high school… However, I am not going to write about the differences and etc, instead of it I would like to share with the bunch of experience I have got during these six months.

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As soon as I left the airport “The age of explorations” came to my life. First of all, I have realized that my main problem ,  my “enemy” for this year is kanji. I studied hiragana and katakana before coming to Japan , however it seems like these beautiful characters can only decorate “meaningful” kanji . Nevertheless, our sensei helped us to understand these mystique symbols – she made up a wonderful stories for almost all hieroglyphs that we have studied so far.

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Japanese culture is wonderful. You can walk in the city centre, that is full of modern buildings, and find Buddhist Temple  or traditional Japanese houses standing with modern ones side by side. Frankly, I was really surprised , as it is difficult to notice it if you don’t pay attention – present and past are merged. One of the best decisions I have made was trying home stay. It was not only a chance to acquire with Japanese culture closer but also opportunity to become a part of Japanese family. Children have taught me a lot of interesting games and moreover they were mine first calligraphy teachers !

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In Nagoya University I became a member of big G30 family. As a first year student I have spent these six months in the dorm and I am lucky to made a lot friends there. It is an amazing experience to live and study with people international students. Moreover in Nagoya I have realized that people from the different parts of the world can have same hobbies and even dreams. (And I am not even mentioning anime and manga )

It is the end of the semester, right time to enjoy the vacation, to begin the new one with great inspiration..


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